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Great Dane Dog Wallpapers

Black Dane dog
Title : Great Dane Dog Wallpapers
Category : Animal
Date Published : May 13, 2014
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It is the world’s tallest dog breed could with a height that could reach up to a man’s shoulder and guess what? It is a German breed.  The Great Dane dog is known for gentle in nature however if provoked then it can turn to your nightmare. These dogs have been domesticated since the 17th century. The Great dane are usually silent, don’t bark much however when required then it put all his effort to save the family members.


Interesting Facts of Great Dane

  • The famous Hanna Barbara animated show revolves around this breed of dog namely “Scooby Doo!” It is a friendly and intelligent dog.
  • The great size of Great Dane does not make it dominating. The breeders have made this breed less likely to be aggressive. It does not have a high prey drive.
  • These dogs need not be exercised much due to their natural possession of high energy
  • These dogs need to be socialized well else they might turn out to be aggressive and irritating pt and may not accept strangers and new environments.
  • They are generally good with children especially with the ones they are raised with.

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