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Lord Shree Ganesha

Shree Ganesh Ji
Title : Lord Shree Ganesha
Category : God
Date Published : May 9, 2014
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This elephant headed Hindu god is known as the lord of wisdom and is worshipped all across India. He is one of the most popular Hindu deities and has a huge number of followers.


Lord Ganesha was born as a son to Shiva andParvati.“Ganesh”means Lord of all ganas and comes from two words, “Gana” which means group and “Ish” meaning God. Parvati, while bathing,shaped a child out of the turmeric that fell down from her body,instilled life in it and named him “Siddharth”.Siddharth, obeying her mother’s order,stood at the gate to guard her against intruders while she bathed.He did not allow Lord Shiva to enter Parvati’s cabin and Shiva beheaded him out of anger. Later on he replaced his head with the head of an elephant on Parvati’s request. Siddhartha was given the name “Ganesh” later on. He married two goddesses,Riddhi and Siddhi, and had two sons namely Shubh and Laabh.


Interesting Facts

  • In India, elephants are considered as an incarnation of Lord Ganesh. Hence are considered auspicious and are worshipped if they are spotted randomly at places.
  • A Sanskrit literature namely Ganesh sahasranama talks about hundred names that were given to this Hindu deity.
  • Ganesha is associated with the first Chakra i.e. the point of origin.Hence in Indian culture every good work,marriage or auspicious event begins with the name of Ganesha.
  • People place the idol of Ganesha at the doorstep as he guards the house against evil,just like he guarded Parvati.
  • The first image of Ganesha was possibly found in the Shiva temple at Bhumra during the Guptas’ reigni.e around 4th-5thcenturies.

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