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Lord Shree Ram HD Wallpapers

Lord Shree Ram
Title : Lord Shree Ram HD Wallpapers
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Date Published : May 20, 2014
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This Hindu deity is known to be one of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu (the preserver of universe) and Lord Rama is one of the favorite one among all. Saint Valmiki wrote Ramayana which revolves around the life of Lord Rama on earth. He descended on earth to deliver the message to humans that the good always wins over the evil. Here you can find Lord Ram Wallpapers in high quality resolution for desktop computer, laptop to tab. Download this HD pictures of Jai Shree Ram for free.



He was the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu.He became the king of Ayodhya,born as the eldest  son of king Dashrath and his eldest queen Kaushalya.He was brought up under the guidance of sage Wishwamitra. When he grew up and returned to his kingdom, he had to leave again and remain in exile for fourteen years in forest on his dying father’s demand as a fulfillment of one of the two wishes of his youngest queen Kaikeyi which his father had promised to grant her at the time of marriage.During the exile,Sita was kidnapped by evil demon king Ravana.To get her back,Rama fought a war with Ravana and defeated him. After returning to his kingdom,Rama ruled for almost 11,000 years after which the reign was taken over by Kush,one of the two sons of Lord Rama.

  • Rama,the name has two components. Ra which stands for the point of origin and Ma stands for the destination.It signifies an entire duration of birth to death.
  • “Ram” naam is chanted as mantra which has the same significance as Om.
  • Chanting Ramanama alone can make one yogi.It creates vibrations which makes the serpent rise and hit its head or Kapala.
  • He is the only hindudiety worshipped across Indochina in spite of their main religion being Buddhism.

Shree Rama was also called Purushottam or the Perfect man.

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