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Octopus Wallpaper

Title : Octopus Wallpaper
Category : Aquatic
Date Published : May 7, 2014
File Type : Image / JPG / PNG
Viewed : 592 Views
Resolution : 2560x1440


They are one of the most intelligent aquatic species on earth. Their weird physical structure and behavioral pattern make them unique. Octopuses have eight appendages and a large head. They are completely devoid of skeletons hence they have an amazing property of squeezing through tiny spaces or holes.They belong to the family of mollusk. The nervous system of octopus is a research topic for scientists. Octopuses have good memory and can solve mazes and simple mathematical problems. It can taste what it touches. An octopus namely Paul could predict future, which has been a mystery to science.

Octopuses are poisonous. They throw an ink like substance to defend themselves. Other defensive moves include hiding or escaping the sight of danger. Their lifespan is usually short of about few months. However, Giant octopuses have been known to live for 4-5 years. Octopuses are not dangerous to humans except the Blue ringed octopus which can cause instant death.


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