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Penguin Bird Wallpaper

Title : Penguin Bird Wallpaper
Category : AnimalAquatic
Date Published : May 14, 2014
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These flightless birds are found in Polar Regions of earth. They are natural inhabitants of Antarctica. Their unique social behavior makes them stand apart from other species of birds. Have a look to the cute Penguin wallpapers in widescreen in different resolution for desktop computer.  Here are few interesting facts.


Penguin Facts

  • The females are the ones who go for fishing and arrange food for their families.Males stay back and fight the bitter cold by huddling with each other. They form a compact group by standing in a circle and take turns to be at the center while the others stand at the periphery.
  • After laying eggs, usually one or two, the female transfers the egg/s to the male carefully and leaves in search of food. The male penguin has the responsibility of keeping the egg warm until it hatches, unlike birds of other species.
  • These birds are monogamous and usually stay with the same partner for their entire life!
  • Each penguin makes its own unique sound for calling out to its mate or chick.
  • The black and white color pattern of these birds helps them camouflage into the snow for protection. Few penguins are born with brown coloured patches and are called as Isabelline penguins which don’t live long.

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