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Beautiful River
Title : River Wallpapers
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Date Published : May 16, 2014
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Rivers are continuously flowing water bodies that originate from glaciers or springs and terminate into oceans, seas, lakes or another river. They are regarded as a source of fresh water. Water in river gets recharged with precipitation,surface runoff or springs. River banks are major platforms where life can be settled hence all major cities seen today are established near a river. Don’t forget to check out River Wallpapers in HD resolution available in different resolution to download it for free.



Interesting Facts about River

i) Rivers are a major component of hydro logical cycle. They serve a number of purposes like navigation, as a source of irrigation, food etc. Rivers were being used for navigation since the time of Indus valley civilization.

ii) The River is known with several others name as well from Stream, Waterway to Rill.

iii) They are categorized on the basis of age as Youthful river (flowing quickly and have steep gradient), Mature river (slower and have less steep gradient), Old river(Flows slowly with plain gradient) and Rejuvenated river (The one whose bottom is elevated by tectonic movement).

iv) Rivers also serve as breeding ground to many aquatic species like Eels and Salmons.

v) There are hundreds of river found on our planet out of which Nile and Amazon are the largest one.


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